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If you are new to the world of eating gluten free foods, then you may feel as overwhelmed as I did when my doctor told me “Get off the grains!”  I’ll never forget the first trip I made to the grocery store after I heard this.  I walked up and down the aisles looking at all the things that I could no longer eat and feeling like an alien, like I didn’t belong there.  I also remember my first trip to a health food store in search of gluten free foods, again walking up and down the aisles and thinking it was going to cost me a fortune to do this, to go gluten free.  Well, like you, I have a story to tell…about going gluten free.

When I started eating gluten free, I did what I thought most people would do; I bought several best selling gluten free cookbooks.  Ingredients like Garbanzo bean flour, Xanthan gum and egg replacer were just a few items required for these recipes that I’d never heard of but I was determined so off to the health food store again.  I don’t remember what I brought home but from the gluten free products I purchased, I made gluten free muffins, breads, cakes and all kinds of baked goods, which I thought was what a gluten free diet was all about, isn’t it?  Not being able to eat traditional baked goods?  I soon realized that these were just the most obvious foods to avoid.  What about dinner?  No pasta?  No fried chicken?  What about my favorite casserole?  The creamed soup in the casserole contained wheat flour.  As a result of doing most of my shopping at health food stores, my grocery bills were out of control.  I thought there had to be an easier way.  So I set about to find an easier and more affordable way to eat gluten free.

I pulled out my recipe collection and began sorting through it, taking out only the ones I could eat without changing any of the ingredients.  That effort amounted to only a handful of recipes, mostly salads and side dishes, but it was a start.  Then I combed through my cookbooks and cooking magazines and added more to my collection of gluten free recipes.  While there are many good gluten free cookbooks and websites with recipes for baked goods, I wanted recipes for good gluten free meals.  My website is dedicated to the types of recipes I wish I had found all in one place and ended up creating that place myself.  My goal was to be able to shop at a regular grocery store, cook gluten free dishes that anyone would enjoy and most of all, create quick, easy and yummy meals!  I hope you will find my website a complement to others dedicated to gluten free baked goods.  It contains recipes that I’ve collected and created for everyday meals that can be made from basic, easy to find ingredients at your local grocery store.

I’ve made most of these dishes only with the ingredients listed so if a recipe calls for heavy cream, I haven’t tried it with skim, soy or coconut milk.  I’m sure there are many variations that could be done but I’ve learned from experimenting that it’s time consuming, sometimes costly and requires willing taste testers to try every variation suggested.  I would encourage you to do what I’ve done and make these recipes your own and by all means, share your results so that even more variations can be made available to people like you and me who just want quick, easy and yummy gluten free food to eat!

Thanks for stopping by and keep coming back for more gluten free recipes and to share the ones you’ve created!


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